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HCA Leadership Summit

The Hill Country Leadership Summit is the Hill Country Alliance’s premiere annual gathering, and provides an opportunity for learning, networking, and being inspired among our region’s top community leaders, conservation practitioners, and natural resource managers. 

Featured Guest Speakers


 Katherine Romans

Hill Country Alliance

Ky Harkey Headshot.jpg

Ky Harkey


Dianne Wassenich photo by John Boggus.jpg

Dianne Wassenich

Heart of the

Hill Country Honoree

Milan Michalec.jpg

Milan Michalec

Heart of the

Hill Country Honoree


00:04:52 - Welcome to the 2023 Hill Country Leadership Summit

00:18:01 - Creating a Shared Vision: A Natural Infrastructure Plan for the Hill Country

00:59:45 - (Almost) 20 Years of the Hill Country Alliance

01:15:00 - Spotlight on the Night Skies Program - Texan by Nature + Hill Country Alliance

01:21:44 - Hill Country at the Crossroads of the Eclipses

02:09:50 - KEYNOTE: From Vision to Action – Mapping a Conservation Movement

03:01:20 - Heart of the Hill Country Award

03:33:56 - Stewarding Small Acreage in the Hill Country

04:15:00 - When Life Gives You Drought: Innovations for a Better Water Future

04:59:35 - Lightning Round: Local Advocates Taking Action


Join the conversation #HCASummit2023

The 2023 Online Auction is happening now until 3PM on Thursday, September 28th –

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