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Corporate Events
Professional video service to record live theater performances


Our video service captures the magic of live theater performances on film, preserving the essence, energy, and emotion of every moment. With a blend of creativity and technical expertise, we deliver stunning visual storytelling that transports audiences beyond the theater walls."

Professional talking head and interview services

Talking Heads

Our video service specializes in filming engaging talking head videos. With multiple camera angles, expert teleprompter assistance, and a focus on creating a relaxed environment, we ensure that your talent looks and sounds their best, delivering professional and captivating videos.

Professional hybrid seminar and conference video service


Our video service is dedicated to capturing the essence of seminars and conferences, ensuring that valuable knowledge and insights are preserved for a wider audience. With professional equipment and experienced videographers, we deliver high-quality recordings that document engaging presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, allowing your event to reach and inspire a broader community.

What Makes us Different?

Live Streaming Bonded Internet

Bonded Internet

We provide four sources of internet that bond together to create one strong, reliable internet connection, providing the highest resolution possible for your live stream

Live Streaming Custom Webpage

Personal Webpage

Your custom web page allows you to share your unique URL, with the optional password, to your online guests prior to your event. You can even make last minute changes to your website and it won't affect your URL!

Professional video and audio for live streaming

State-of-the-Art Technology

We use professional, full frame cinema cameras along with industry standard lenses to allow us to capture the highest quality possible image.

We also use high-end microphones to ensure your audience can not only see everything but also hear everything, creating a fully immersive experience. 

Live streaming services

And More!

• Integrate a computer (PowerPoint, Zoom, Advertisements/Sponsors, etc.)

• Picture-in-Picture

• Lower Thirds and Animations

• Multi-camera Zoom Solution

• Program Monitors for you and your team

• Stage Lights

• And more!

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