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About Us


Randy Robinson was born and raised in Austin, TX. He graduated from TX State University with a B.A. in Mass Communications, where he first found a passion for Live Streaming.

Randy has won several awards for his video work including work with The Knot, Round Rock ISD, Community Impact Newspaper, Dell and more.

Randy started filming weddings in 2013 and started exclusively Live Streaming weddings in 2020. He's been recognized by SlingStudio, the industry standard for Live Streaming, and plans to continue to lead and improve the Live Streaming industry.

Randy married his beautiful wife, Jordan, in 2013 and together are raising three amazing children, Gavin, Addison, and Raelynn. Check out his personal Instagram page to see their adorable photos or visit his professional Instagram page.

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What Makes Us Different?

We realize most couples don't want to live stream but rather need to during these challenging times. That's why we provide the highest quality cameras, microphones, web players (the same used by Austin FC!), internet and more, to help ensure family and friends have a great experience watching you live!

Bonded Internet


We provide four sources of internet that bond together to create one strong, reliable internet connection, providing the highest resolution possible for your live stream

Wireless Cameras


Our wireless cameras allow us to set-up in minutes and easily move, even during the stream. This means we can film in multiple locations, or simply move our camera so your photographer can take their shot without our equipment in the way

Wireless Mics


We provide up to four wireless mics (for the couple, officiant, reader, musicians, etc.) and we also pull audio from the DJ. This redundancy allows viewers to not only see everything but to hear everything

Personal Web Page


Your personal web page allows you to share your unique URL with family and friends months before your wedding, making it easy for them to find and watch you live!


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