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Hybrid Event Live Streaming


What Makes Us Different?

Bonded Internet


We provide four sources of internet that bond together to create one strong, reliable internet connection, providing the highest resolution possible for your live stream

Wireless Cameras


Our wireless cameras allow us to set-up in minutes and easily move our equipment, even during the stream. This means we can film in multiple locations and film virtually everything.

We also have equipment to run long SDI and HDMI cables for a more secure video connection when necessary!



We believe that audio is 50 percent of the watching experience which is why we take audio so seriously!

We're able to include our own microphones or work with your audio team to provide audio for your online guests

Personal Web Page


Your custom web page allows you to share your unique URL, with the optional password, to your online guests prior to your event. You can even make last minute changes to your website and it won't affect your URL!

And More!


• Integrate a computer (PowerPoint, Zoom, Advertisements/Sponsors, etc.)

• Lower Thirds and Animations

• Multicamera Zoom Solution

• Program Monitors for you and your team

• Stage Lights

• And more!


We have dabbled in hosting the in person/virtual combo events in the past, and had mixed results. In an era when we need to make our events accessible to all in the Hill Country, having Randy run the virtual side of things was an absolute game changer. I think it’s safe to say that we have never had such a flawless event, with so many folks who were watching from home reporting that they felt included, could see, hear, and feel part of the day as much as someone who was there in person. I can’t wait to work with Randy again.

Randy and his team did an incredible job of helping us to pull off a flawless virtual and in-person summit for our nonprofit organization. From professional and open communication throughout the planning process to excellent wifi, sound, and video quality the day of the event and fine attention to detail across the board, they did an incredible job! I highly recommend them and can't wait to work with them again.



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