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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Live-streaming weddings is a relatively new idea so we compiled a few FAQs our couples have asked in the past to help answer questions you may have!

Where can my family and friends watch our ceremony video?

Your ceremony will be streamed to both YouTube and Facebook simultaneously making it easy for your family and friends to watch your ceremony live!

We'll create a link no later than a week prior to your wedding that you can share with all of your family and friends!

Can we keep the link private?

Yes! We can create a private YouTube link and private Facebook page for just your family and friends!

My venue doesn't have WiFi. Are you still able to live stream my wedding?

YES! We provide our own Hotspot and are capable of live streaming anywhere there's AT&T coverage (virtually everywhere!)

How's the quality of the video? What about the audio?

We stream our videos in 1080p30 on YouTube while Facebook limits the live stream to 720p30. As far as audio, we tap into the DJ's sound board so we can hear everything the officiant and readers are saying. We also place a wireless mic on the groom so your family and friends can hear both the bride and groom's vows!

What happens after the live stream is finished? Will the video be erased?

No! Your video will be available to watch on both YouTube and Facebook instantly, and you'll be given an .MP4 version that you'll be able to download/share where ever you like!

I already have a videographer who's documenting the entire day. How will that work?

Similar to a photobooth complimenting a photographer, we will work with your existing videographer (and other vendors) to make your day perfect!

Your videographer will document your wedding day from getting ready to exit while we focus on making sure all of your family and friends who aren't able to make it to your wedding day are still able to see you get married LIVE!

Have a different question? Email us at and we'll answer your questions ASAP!

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